As your representative in the Senate, I fight daily to serve your needs through economic stimulation, quality public education, and improved health care options for everyone.  

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This campaign is about the future of America and the return of the principle values put forth by the Founding Fathers of our nation. It is about developing long-term strategies for a sound economy, returning God given liberties back to the people, holding up State’s rights, and limiting the powers of the Federal Government. 

Shepard continued, “We have to continue growing the economy of our district, create new jobs, make sure opportunity to succeed is available, and preserve the natural beauty and natural resources around us. .  I propose rational and logical debate to find the best solutions… I will never subscribe to partisan politics and will not accept money from lobbyists or PACs.” Type your paragraph here.

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​​​​​Why choose Shane Shepard?

​​Shane Shepard is a 30 year old Main Street / Community Development Director for the City of Winnsboro, Texas (North Winnsboro is located in the 4th US District of Texas).  During his four-and-a-half years employment with the community, Winnsboro has seen an influx of economic growth and community development projects.  Shane Shepard was sponsored by Orange County Vacation Rentals company Abode and Trade Show Displays, Trade show boothsbanner stands and motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles Bob Cohen.  

ShaneShepard for Congress