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Thank You For Your Support!


First, I want to thank everyone who has so graciously supported the campaign in one way or another.  It has been hard work and an honor working to run. Though the incumbent won, our campaign has helped to forge the way for new candidates in our district and it has sent the message to Washington that there are people in Northeast Texas who will not be taken for granted.


With that said, I want to congratulate Ralph Hall on his win and wish him well in Washington. 


We stand here at a moment in history where we have to make a decision for ourselves. The matter of the fact is Austin and Washington can never solve all of our problems. I cannot emphasize enough how sincere I am when I say that I believe that almost every issue that has to be resolved, can be resolved on a local level, starting in our homes.  


Eat dinner with family; life is never too hectic to read to your children, take them fishing or to the park. Be involved and set examples of good values, then, future American generations will succeed and prosper. We have to make the time and not expect any government entity to take our place – be it public school systems, State benevolence, or Washington.


Before concerning ourselves with national politics, we have to be involved locally. Learn about your local City Council, Economic Development Board, and School Board; attend their meetings. They have more influence on our quality of life than any State or Federal elected official. If we want lower taxes, we have to give ourselves as volunteers to charitable causes on a regular basis; we have to tithe to local organizations such as Goodwill, homeless shelters, food pantries, workforce centers, drug rehabilitation centers, animal shelters and adoption initiatives. Otherwise, government forces benevolence and abuses the funds in the form of taxation. Faithful giving of money and sweat comes at a small cost – but it is coupled with a fulfilling experience and a life full of purpose.  It is the only hope for lower taxation.


When there is a wrong – stand up and be bold! Walk in faith, leave fear behind. Even in moments when you feel you stand alone, fight with all your passion. If we are to expect change, we must take the reins and lead.  Hold our public servants in Austin and Washington accountable.  Never allow yourself to be ignored. Research and consider all aspects to any issue at hand. Remember that philosophical differences make us better people and a stronger nation – not enemies who we kick in the head at political rallies.     


In a world of religious-like followings of political parties, always question what you read. The news media is seldom objective – they usually have an agenda that is less concerned with the facts. Lastly, if there is something you always wanted to do and never have because the timing was not right – there will never be a better time than now. There is no excuse for waiting until tomorrow. Fuel your passion, remember to be compassionate, live a life full of purpose, involve yourself locally, love your family and friends, and never become apathetic. That is the revolution our nation needs – the first step is ours.


God Bless,


Shane Shepard
United States Citizen















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